About Us

MyOwnEulogy.com offers an incredible opportunity to visually share your life story and eulogy message with your loved ones. It gives your family and friends a place to go when they are struggling emotionally with their loss. A place where possibly they can find peace just by seeing your face or hearing your voice one more time. A place where you can leave them words of comfort to help them deal with losing you or perhaps to understand what motivated you to do certain things during your life.

You can’t decide when you die, but you can decide what you want to leave behind. MyOwnEulogy was created to provide a place where your life story can live on forever! Your grandchildren’s children will be able to “meet” you and hear your Eulogy – not from someone else’s lips—but from your own.

You can make this anything you like… loving, truthful, sarcastic, funny. It’s all up to you. With MyOwnEulogy, you receive a permanent place where your video is stored, either publicly or privately, for future generations to reference.

MyOwnEulogy is easy to use, secure, and very affordable. We are committed to keeping the “Basic Membership” service FREE. We will never flip a switch and make you start paying for this service. However, you can upgrade to the VIP membership which allows you to upload unlimited videos, public or private, for a minimal fee.

It is our mission to provide a safe place for your self-created Eulogy video to be kept forever. Your video will be accessible to whomever you choose to share your individual LINK with, or open to the public. Think of MyOwnEulogy.com as a modern extension of the gravestone, or your own private movie that can be visited or viewed long after you are gone.

Rest easy… your story is safe with us!