How does MyOwnEulogy.com work?
Just create an account and upload a video with your Own Eulogy to share with family & friends. This will allow you to create a truly special place where your loved ones will be able to remember you forever.
Is MyOwnEulogy.com free to use?
Yes, the basic membership is 100% free with a limit of 3 video uploads. We also offer a VIP membership for $19.99/yr (this will be set up in auto renewal every year) or $199.00/forever (one time charge only) that includes unlimited video uploads and the choice of making your Eulogies public or private - we want to help you leave a beautiful message so you can be remembered for generations to come.

How do I know my Eulogies will be preserved?
We take the responsibility of protecting and preserving your memories extremely seriously. It is our mission to provide a safe place for your memories so that they can be passed down to future generations. This is as close to a permanent space that you’ll ever find on the Internet. And it should be. We have taken many extraordinary steps to ensure that your memories will never be deleted.

Starting and Managing a Eulogy Page
Who should create the Eulogy page? Can anyone do it?
Only you can create your Own Eulogy page.

How do I change my Eulogy’s display name?
Go to “My Account” and look for the edit button, only the executor (you) can change your display name.

How do I delete a Eulogy?
Go to My Eulogies after you log in, find the “Delete” button at the right of the Eulogy you want to delete and then click “Delete.” That will remove that Eulogy permanently.

How do I keep a Eulogy private?
Only VIP registered users of MyOwnEulogy.com will be able to select if they want their Eulogy to be Private or Public.

What is the difference between a “basic/free” membership and a VIP membership?
Basic: All basic/free membership users’ Eulogies will be displayed for public view and have a limit of up to 3 videos.
VIP:  All VIP membership users will have the option of making any of their Eulogies private or public and have unlimited video uploads.

I am a VIP member how do I share with family & friends my private Eulogy?
You will have a special url for each Eulogy you upload that you can share via e-mail with a friend or family member so they can have access to view your Eulogy.

How can I add a caption or comment to someone else’s Eulogy?
You must register and create an account at MyOwnEulogy.com or log in with your Facebook account if you have one, then enter your comment at the bottom of the Eulogy, type a description in the caption box, and then click “Save.”

How can a loved one add an obituary to my Eulogy page after I pass?
Only the 2 approved executors you authorized when creating your account will be able to add an obituary or the date of your death to your Eulogy page, they will have to have your user name and password.

How do I invite family & friends to view My Own Eulogy?
Look for the white envelope icon to share via e-mail. Or you can always share via Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, just look for the icons that sit on the right-side of your Eulogy.
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
We have an automatic service that will allow you to set a new password using your email address. Simply hit the "Forgot Password" button. You should receive an email immediately that contains a temporary password.  You will then be able to reset your password.

Can I adjust my email settings?
At this time we only offer the ability to turn emails on or off. To unsubscribe from emails just click the unsubscribe link on the bottom of the email. We plan to offer more nuanced email management tools in the very near future.

How do I logout?
It's not necessary to logout from MyOwnEulogy.com. It's actually easier not to logout because then when you visit again we immediately know who you are.
However, if you wish to log off, you should click the "logout" link at the top-right corner of the browser.

How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your account please log in to your Eulogy page and delete any video's that you have uploaded.  If you would like to permananently delete your account, please email your request to info@myowneulogy.com.

Do you guarantee the security of the email addresses of users of this site?
Yes. We promise not to sell your information to anyone.