Why My Own Eulogy?

An Idea is Born:
When Jan Knight & Alba Carrico had to attend several funerals of close friends and family in a short period of time, they noticed the immediate family members of the deceased always struggled with having to deliver the Eulogy and try to cover a remarkable life story in such an emotional time, no one wants to take up that task!

So they came up with a technological solution: myowneulogy.com.  Now they are taking that burden away from the grieving families by allowing each individual to deliver their own eulogy.

There is great psychological and spiritual loss when a loved one dies. When family and  friends walk away from a funeral, all that remains is a grave stone that says “John Doe, 1966-2006”.  That’s hardly a tribute to someone who has lived, laughed,  cried, struggled and contributed his or her share to the continuity of the family, community and culture. It’s time the funerals joined the electronic world with the rest of modern society.


How it Works:
Each eulogy is a digital memory that contains the individual’s life history as recorded by him/her self with specific anecdotes to share with family and friends. The Eulogy can display pictures, text, music, voice and video depending on the creativity of each individual.

If you choose to make your video(s) private, you have two options:

     1) Select executors whom you trust to manage your video(s), giving them the ability to "unlock" your video(s) upon notification of your passing.  Please select your executors carefully.   Your executors will recieve a notification to let them know they have been appointed as an executor to your eulogy video(s). When your executors notify myowneulogy.com that you have passed away, they will have the option to make your videos public.  This means that we "unlock" your video to allow viewing by anyone who accesses our website and searches for your video.  Therefore, if privacy is important to you, consider option two.

     2) Arrange private notifications to the individuals you want to view your video(s), providing them with the direct URL link to a specific video.  Notify your selected family/friends now (or arrange for them to be notified later) and provide them with the direct URL link to the video(s) you would like them to view.  Some people choose this option if they have several videos directed to specific individuals, and wish them to remain private (and to only be viewed by those specific individuals).  In this option, it is  your responsibility to give those individuals the direct URL link to the video(s), i.e. perhaps in a sealed envelope in your safety deposit box.  If you have a specific video that you would like played at your funeral, you may choose to leave the URL in a place that is easily accessible to your loved ones upon your death, or you may give your user name and password to a trusted individual so that they can access your video, and make it publc. Please note, ALL videos will be available for them to view if you choose this method.  

To make family members search easier and to provide a backup copy of their loved one’s Eulogy, MyOwnEulogy.com maintains a central “on line memorial plot” for each individual.

Each Eulogy has a unique identifier, and each may carry a list of dates showing the most recent uploaded video message. One could call MyOwnEulogy.com a modern extension of the gravestone, one that tells the story of the life between the birth and the death by its own person. It is an invaluable service to the deceased’s remaining loved ones, who typically are too distraught to prepare a Eulogy while having to take care of funeral arrangements with only a few photographs and anecdotal memories that will gradually diminish and distort with time. 


What It Costs:
Basic membership is free, but at only $19.99/yr for a VIP annual membership or a one-time cost of $199.00 for a VIP Forever membership, both of which include unlimited video uploads, it is surprisingly affordable when compared to the value of its message, especially at time when families yearn to do more to preserve the memory of the one who lies there. That's understandable, given that huge mobile populations have significantly eroded the human urge to closely associate with family. MyOwnEulogy.com and its video sharing system provide a family with closure and a memory they can treasure and preserve forever.