MyOwnEulogy.com was originally created to encourage you to visually share your life story and eulogy message with your loved ones thru video. To give your family and friends a part of you when you're no longer with them and they are struggling emotionally with their loss. A video where possibly they can find peace and solace just by seeing your face or hearing your voice one more time. A message you can leave them to comfort them and help them cope with the grief of losing you or perhaps to understand what motivated you to do certain things during your life.


You can’t decide when you die, but you can decide what you want to leave behind. The legacy of your life story.  Your grandchildren’s children will be able to “meet” you and hear about your life, your passions – not from someone else’s lips—but from your own. (Not to mention lifting the burden from a friend or family member of coming up with nice and funny things to say about you at your funeral.)

So start thinking, you can make this anything you like… loving, truthful, sarcastic, funny. It’s all up to you, you are in control.

Our mission is to provide you with tips on how to write your own eulogy, how to record your own life story, educate you about death and dying, best funeral planning practices and anything else we feel can help you leave an inspiring and lasting goodbye.


We feature articles from all over the net that we feel are informative and useful for you. We always give credit to the author with a link to their original post.



All quotes featured on our blog and social media networks are put together by us.




Photos used on articles or quotes are stock photos from original articles or sites like pixabay.com and unsplash.com unless noted differently.




When available, we will feature guest posts from experts in the industry. If you are one and want to be featured on our blog read our guest post guidelines here



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