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The Perfect Self Eulogy

This is what we are talking about!

When it comes to writing a eulogy for a friend, or close relative, it's easier said than done and even harder to try come up with your own. That is why we are glad we came across this video. This is the perfect example of what a self-eulogy should be like. We hope you like it and it inspires you to do your own!

Carla Zilber-Smith died May 21st, 2010 of ALS, but at her funeral, she had one final surprise: a video that she had kept secret for over a year, even from her own family, that brought the audience (because of course her funeral had an audience) to laughter, tears, etc. Carla was an accomplished singer and has released 3 CDs: "Extraordinary Renditions", "Uncovered", and "Songs about Love Death and Wings" -- all of which can be purchased here: CarlaZilbersmith If you want to read more about Carla, go to her blog, where she blogged for several years. Carla is the subject of the upcoming documentary "Leave Them Laughing: A Musical Comedy About Dying," which you can find out about at leavethemlaughingfilm.com.

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