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Funeral Cost Planning Guide

Planning a funeral is an emotional affair. It can also become a costly affair if the planners are not careful. Funeral expenses can be hefty due to the venue and also the manner of burial or cremation.

Funerals should be arranged carefully to enable everyone in attendance to grieve respectfully. While it’s tempting to buy an expensive casket or choose a fancy venue for the final send off of your loved one, it’s wise to keep track of the costs before they get out of hand. Here is a brief guide to avoiding unnecessary costs associated with funerals:

Set a Budget

Budgeting is probably the last thing on your mind when planning a funeral for a loved one. But the funeral requires a set budget to get the necessary services that you can afford. If you are pre-planning your own funeral, you should compare various funeral payment plans to get the best price. Preplanning your funeral is a great way to lift the financial burden on your family during emotionally trying times.

Ask about the Basic Plan Price from Funeral Homes

The funeral directors in your state, like New South Wales, are legally obliged to inform you of the cheapest plan available at the service, which is referred to as the basic funeral plan. The basic plan only covers what is legally and operationally required to hold the funeral. The basic plan should give you an idea what a funeral would minimally cost with a provider. Use the basic plan to compare prices among funeral homes, and then choose the plan that best suits your budget and needs.

Choose a Coffin over a Casket

If the funeral is planned for a burial, the next step is to naturally pick a casket or a coffin. There are differences between the two. Caskets are rectangular shaped and generally cost more than coffins. Coffins are made from wood and have a wider length at the shoulder and narrow length at feet. Choosing a coffin is, therefore, the budget option. However, do so with taking other requirements for the burial in mind as well. Caskets or coffins can be used in cremations as well. However, it’s legally required to obtain a casket that has all plastic parts made from burnable material.

Don’t Purchase Urns at Crematoriums

When choosing a cremation, the urn needs to be affordable, durable, and look good. The most affordable and even top quality urns can be purchased online, or from local sellers. The urns that are commonly sold with crematoriums or affiliates are expensive and lack in quality. These sellers take the advantage of being close to the crematoriums so people buy for the convenience. Don’t purchase urns separately to save money.

Know that Embalming is not Necessary

Embalming a body can make it look more “alive” for a viewing funeral. However, embalming is not necessary and is not legally required. You can forgo the additional costs of embalming by avoiding the process of a quick burial or a cremation.

To keep costs reasonable, know your rights as a consumer. Do not let savvy merchants take advantage of your during times of great emotional upheaval.

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