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Funeral trends: You can now deliver your own eulogy via a hologram

Alternative funeral ideas have been on the rise in recent years as people look for new and more creative ways to be remembered once they’ve passed. But while there are plenty of wild ideas out there, the latest might just take the cake.

A businessman in America is offering people the chance to record 3D holograms — three-dimensional images formed by light beams — so they can deliver a personal eulogy at their own funerals. Carl Minardo from West Palm Beach, Florida believes holograms will be a common sight at funerals within a couple of years.

“Some people have described it as creepy or freaky, but many think it’s a great idea,” he said, Daily Mail reported.

His company offers eight- to 10-minute eulogy holograms, costing between $27,500 and $69,700.

The technology is already being used widely in the entertainment industry and the business world. Earlier this year, a hologram form of American singer Roy Orbison toured the US, and last week it was announced that singer Amy Winehouse will return to the stage in 2019, touring the world in hologram form.

Non-traditional funerals have enjoyed a rise in popularly as more people decide to celebrate life rather than opting for the more sombre funeral traditions of the past. Colorful clothing and happy music are now commonplace at services, while some people are even creating their own fun and colorful coffins in advance.

A Kiwi “coffin club” was launched into the spotlight in June, as members displayed their beautiful, artistic and individual coffins they had created in preparation. The cheap and cheerful designs proved both cost effective and fun to create for the retirees, who used it as a bonding experience in what is usually a fairly bleak time.

Meanwhile, a funeral director in America is the latest to open a drive-thru funeral home where you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own car to pay your respects to the departed.

Ryan Bernard from Memphis, Tennessee told the New York Post he wants to create a different and fun way for family members and friends to farewell their loved ones – as far removed from the traditional service as possible.

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